The book we’ll be discussing is: “Grace and Mary” by Melvyn Bragg. Grace and Mary

‘John visits his ageing mother Mary in a nursing home by the sea and prompted with songs, photographs and questions, he uncovers the deep longing she has to find Grace, the mother she barely knew. He sets out to recreate their buried family history and reaching from the late 19th century to the present, this becomes a deeply moving elegy on 3 generations linked by a chain of love, loss & courage.’

Please come along even if you haven’t, or don’t want to read the current book, share your latest “reads”, enjoy coffee, cake and friendly discussion !

For more information about the evening Contact the church or Sharon Lancaster

Join us this morning when Rev’d Steve Smith preaches on the third in the series “God’s plan for His church – New testament”: ‘The death of Jesus’. The service includes Holy Communion

This afternoon from 4pm come and join us for “messy church” with the theme: “Abraham and Sarah”.mc_logo_Eastgatev2

There will be many activities such as:- woodwork;  face painting; collage/craft; cooking (easy but messy!) We will be making Ziggurats; Night skies with camels, stars, deserts ……..

Tea and coffee and squash will be available At about 5- 5.15 pm there will be a short celebration in the church after which everyone will have tea (cakes, sandwiches, biscuits, nibbles) together.

quiz Join us for a ‘bring and share’ Harvest supper and a quiz. Start at 18.30 – finish at 21.00

Join us this morning for a Family Harvest service as we thank God for all his blessings to us.

Don’t forget that the clocks go back in the early hours of  Sunday 26th October 2014. clock

So there is an extra hour – for prayer; or bible study or…. to spend in bed.

Don’t get to church too early – otherwise you’ll be standing outside – shivering!

Join us on our Church Vision Day when we will spend the day together seeking the Lord’s will for us as a congregation by all going off together somewhere and spending the day prayerfully, biblically and in fellowship. church vision day Where does God want us to be and what does He want us to be doing? Everyone is welcome but please sign up on the list which you will find either on the Welcome desk at the back of the church or on the notice board in the hall